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The "Metabolic Programming and Perinatal Management Center" is a research center linked to the NIH, which integrates research and extension in the area of ​​metabolism.

We are researchers who strive to understand how metabolic, nutritional, environmental and lifestyle changes in critical stages of development alter the body in the short, medium and long term.

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Molecular Programming and Perinatal Mana

A large part of the changes that our organism presents during the course of life have a developmental origin. Endocrine-metabolic diseases are closely linked to factors that altered the environment at critical stages of development.

During the fetal and neonatal phase, this environment is very well represented by the maternal organism, which has systemic, cellular and molecular adaptations to accommodate the generation of a new individual.

In this way, the maternal body becomes the main element:

Pregnant belly
Baby mother Breastfeeding
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The maternal uterus that expands and remodels to make room for the fetus to grow;

The breast, which represents the main food source in perinatal care;

The entire environment, which is not defined, precisely because it is the inclusion of these elements within any environmental scenario, the trigger for events that can develop during life.

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