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Innovation and dissemination actions

Education workshops 

In partnership with theFAPESP Research Center for Obesity and Comorbidities We hold, every six months, education and scientific dissemination workshops with students from public schools in the Limeira-SP region. 

* photographic records prior to the COVID-19 pandemic


In partnership with theDevelopmental Origins of Health and Disease, DOHaD Brazil, we hold a series of lectures on the MPPM theme every fortnight, on Thursdays at 4pm.

The lectures are also deposited in theDOHaD Brasil channel on Youtube

Diffusion course

In partnership with the Dean of Extension and Culture, the Unicamp Extension School and the Faculty of Applied Sciences, we held, from 30/05 to 04/06, the first course on METHODOLOGIES IN NEUROSCIENCE: IMMUNOFLUORESCENCE.

This course covered the discussion of practical protocols and “troubleshooting” on the collection and processing of brain tissue and analogues for immunofluorescence analysis on tissue slides.